30CM Wall Clock Saat Clock Duvar Saati Metal Digital Wall Clocks Horloge Murale Relogio de parede Orologio da parete Home decor30CM Wall Clock Saat Clock Duvar Saati Metal Digital Wall Clocks Horloge Murale Relogio de parede Orologio da parete Home decor30CM Wall Clock Saat Clock Duvar Saati Metal Digital Wall Clocks Horloge Murale Relogio de parede Orologio da parete Home decor30CM Wall Clock Saat Clock Duvar Saati Metal Digital Wall Clocks Horloge Murale Relogio de parede Orologio da parete Home decor30CM Wall Clock Saat Clock Duvar Saati Metal Digital Wall Clocks Horloge Murale Relogio de parede Orologio da parete Home decor

30CM Wall Clock Saat Clock Duvar Saati Metal Digital Wall Clocks Horloge Murale Relogio de parede Orologio da parete Home decor

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12 inch
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Material: Metal frame clock face + ABS + PP + glass mirror back


1. Creative clock face design, the simplest is also the purest, cleanest and most beautiful.

2. Choose a variety of colors, any combination of unique home environment.

3. PP (polypropylene) clock face, moisture resistant, durable and beautiful.

4. The sun movement, accurate travel time, high quality.

5. metal paint pointer, with copper sleeve, more carve together movement, rotation is more stable, more accurate.

Item Specifics

Brand Name: 
 Wall Clocks
Motivity Type: 
Display Type: 
Model Number: 
 wrought iron wall clock GK110168-70
 Single Face
Applicable Placement: 
 Living Room
 Modern Wall Clock
Wall Clock Type: 
Body Material: 
 Living room, bedroom, den, office, kitchen, public places
shell material: 
 Metal Wall Clock
 Quartz Wall Clock
Display Type: 
 Round Wall Clock
Special features: 
 Decorative Wall Clock